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It is our desire that you experience our highest quality service no matter what you have planned.

Corporate Events Mini Bus

If you are hosting corporate events, we are careful that we cater for your every need by ensuring you inform us of a catalogue of things you wish to transport so that you arrive at your venue fully prepared. 
Efficiency is high on our agenda as it ensures you can deliver your itinerary safe in the knowledge that the small details will not be forgotten. For our sporting and social event clients we safeguard your entertainment by ensuring all specifics of your day, from venue and start time to suggestions of where to luncheon and departure times. They are devised to enable you to maximise on fun and relish your day. You shall be able to contact your chauffeur in the event of any unexpected activities. We are at your disposal, so you may travel in confidence. 

Business Mini Bus Service

For our business client we intend to deliver a discreet service, which is a natural addition to your working environment. We understand that most of your business is conducted on the move and we provide an attentive and considered approach. Absolute professionalism is guaranteed. 

Bespoke Wedding Service

Our bespoke wedding service shall enable your day to run smoothly knowing all your guests are carefully carried between venues. We endeavour to furnish your every whim and requisition. No desire is too great for us to deploy on your special day. 

London Mini Bus Service

With London so close to our operating centre we are in a prime position to offer carriage to spellbinding theatre trips, uplifting music events or enchanting special occasions. Let us whisk you away to a day or evening to our delightful capital where you will be enraptured by memories you cannot wait to make.