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It is our desire that you experience our highest quality service no matter what you have planned.

Corporate Services

If you are hosting a corporate event, we endeavour to cater to your every need. Therefore, we ask you to inform us of the catalogue of things you wish to transport so that we can be prepared and you arrive at your venue ready to begin the event. 

An efficient service is extremely high on our agenda so that you can deliver your event safe in the knowledge that our services will support that day. For example we safeguard your entertainment by ensuring we are well aware of the venue location details, access points and times, even down to suggestions on where to luncheon! This is so that you are able to maximise on fun and relish your day. Your chauffeur is dedicated to you so that you can travel in confidence and they will be contactable in the event of any unexpected activities.

Business Services

For our business clients we intend to deliver a seamless service, which is a natural addition to your working environment. We understand that business needs to be conducted on the move and so we adapt our service to allow you to do that. Absolute professionalism is guaranteed. 

Bespoke Wedding Service

Our bespoke wedding service enables your day to run smoothly, giving you one less thing to think about on the day! Guests will be transported in a timely manner between venues, and we will endeavour to accommodate all requests on your special day, no matter how big or small. 

London Services

With London on our doorstep, we are in prime position to head in to the capital for some culture, entertainment or fine dining. Why not make the most of your visit by sitting back and letting us take away any hassle of commuting so you can arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy your occasion?